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We are currently trying to increase the audience and reach of our website, we have many likes on our Facebook page and this helps alot.  The Paramedic Supplies websites aims to provide resources to those wanting to gain an insight into the profession of a Paramedic. The website also provides great tools and resources for those already working in the pre-hospital setting, including resources such as books, utility belts, uniform, torches, badges, bags, training equipment and much more.  If your looking for a job in the NHS ambulance service then we have dedicated career sections with application guides and other career resources.

If you own a website then you might already have a ‘useful links’ section, which would be an ideal place to add us with a simple text link, or if not we have created a small, discreet logo that you can paste onto your website somewhere, click here for logos and HTML 

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We would prefer links that are of a similar subject, such as website relating to these keywords: pre-hospital care, ambulance service, paramedic jobs, goodies for paramedics, paramedic care, paramedic uniform, paramedic courses, paramedic training, paramedic career....  I am sure you get the general idea of the websites we would prefer to be linked on :-)

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Add Paramedic eBay widget listings to your website....

We have listed lots of paramedic related items that have been added to eBay, our Paramedic eBay page has the main listings on with links also on the homepage. If you would like to list Paramedic related items on your website then look at our Feed page - this will give you the code to list these items on your website/blog.  The code can be customised.