Paramedic Diagnostic Equipment

Paramedics must become good at diagnosing patients using hand and eye based diagnostic measures. Some of the equipment used in practice to aid the diagnosis process can be found here at Paramedic Supplies. Just some pointers on paramedic practice... paramedic’s are not Doctors and do not diagnose people. However, they must determine theories of probable injuries or illness including differential diagnosis, from which they can base their treatment plans. A good place to start is good history taking of the event leading up to the injury or illness, assessment of patients medications and any previous medical history. After this has been established then the paramedic will look at the results of further assessment skills, this includes a thorough look at the baseline observations, such as level of consciousness, skin colour, pulse and blood pressure. Paramedics must be able to use their skills in palpation, auscultation, percussion and analyse pain through mnemonics such as the OPQRST assessment.